Thanksgiving area - about 84㎡ - 3 rooms 2 baths

What was an independent town until the 19th century, as the city expanded, it eventually became a district of Barcelona, where the famous Park Güell is located, a traditional residential area of Barcelona. The district has a good artistic and cultural her

感恩区-约84㎡-3室2浴-1拷贝 感恩区-约84㎡-3室2浴-2拷贝 感恩区-约84㎡-3室2浴-3拷贝 感恩区-约84㎡-3室2浴-4拷贝 感恩区-约84㎡-3室2浴-5拷贝 感恩区-约84㎡-3室2浴-6拷贝 感恩区-约84㎡-3室2浴-7拷贝 感恩区-约84㎡-3室2浴-8拷贝 感恩区-约84㎡-3室2浴-9拷贝 感恩区-约84㎡-3室2浴-10拷贝 感恩区-约84㎡-3室2浴-11拷贝 感恩区-约84㎡-3室2浴-12拷贝 感恩区-约84㎡-3室2浴-13拷贝 感恩区-约84㎡-3室2浴-14拷贝 感恩区-约84㎡-3室2浴-15拷贝 感恩区-约84㎡-3室2浴-16拷贝 感恩区-约84㎡-3室2浴-17拷贝

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