The conditions for applying for permanent residence in Spain are the same as those for EU permanent residence, so it can be said that applying for permanent residence in Spain can apply for EU permanent residence. This card only needs to be renewed every 5 years. Holders of EU permanent resident status have the right to freely settle, work, do business and study in any other EU country, and enjoy the same treatment as their own residents.


Spain is a developed capitalist country and a member of the European Union and NATO. As of October 2020, its economic aggregate ranks fourth in the EU and fourteenth in the world. The main industries are textile, steel, cement, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing, electric power and so on. The level of agricultural modernization is relatively high, and olive oil production and grape planting area both rank first in the world.

Non-profit Residence Permit Act

Foreigners can reside in Spain by proving that they and their families have sufficient financial means not to engage in any profit-making activity in Spain. The holder of a non-profit residence permit can renew it if he or she resides in Spain for at least 6 months per year and has sufficient financial means to support him and his family to live in Spain.

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